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Guests bottle green

The Guests

Bottle Green

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Guests Always Done

The Guests

Always Done

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The Guests

The Guests are the latest and best of the new young British bands. They come from the North East of England, and play with all the passion and style that you would expect.  Their writing has been described as equal to the best of Lennon & McCartney, Ray Davies, Oasis, The Beautiful South and all the great UK writers.  A great live band with sparkling contemporary sharpness and great songs that you won’t be able to get out of your mind.

”Always Done” is the first Guests single, two tracks from their debut album “Bottle Green” and two recorded specially for this release.  They are playlisted on more than 25 UK radio stations. The title song is a killer anthem at live shows, and was described by the press as ”more adventurous and interesting than Blur or Oasis with great power from the twin vocals and guitars of Simon Atkinson and Ian Erving”

The Guests, with Dave Rowberry, Dave Clarke, Noel Redding and Mick Avory  (Shut Up Frank), Don Crane of the Downliners Sect and Jimi Hendix’s girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham

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