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Shut Up Frank

Shut Up Frank 1

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Shut Up Frank alive

Shut Up Frank


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Shut Up Frank combined

Shut up Frank


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Noel R and Shut Up Frank no more Christmas

Noel Redding and Shut Up Frank

No More Christmas


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Shut Up Frank was formed by Mick Avory of The Kinks and comprised Mick, Dave Clarke, Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Dave Rowberry (The Animals), Richard Simmons and Jim Leverton (Humble Pie etc.) The band toured New Zealand, Germany, UK, Sweden and Norway


 They recorded ten studio tracks for the first two Shut Up Frank CD EPs.  “Alive” was recorded at the Brian Jones Memorial Concert at the Cheltenham Racetrack and two sessions in London  “a great band having a great time.”  The second CD comes from the very first studio recordings made by the band, with songs by Jim Leverton, Steve Marriott, Mick Grabham and Dave Clarke and all the SUF regulars are here.


”Combined” is a strictly limited edition vinyl LP containing all of those tracks.


”No More Christmas” comprises five songs written and recorded by Noel Redding and Dave Clarke, with Mick Avory on drums and additional keyboards by Dave Rowberry “ - the embryo Shut Up Frank.

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Shut Up Frank


Dave, Mick, Dave and Jim live and unplugged on Swedish TV

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